Building Photos

Here are the buildings associated with the museum.

Building #1 Tom Thumb House

Building #2 P.H. Peirce General Store

Building #3 Blacksmith Shop

Building #4 Judge Wood Law Office

Building #5 Whistle House

Building #6 Carriage House

Building #7 Sproat Tavern out House

One Response to Building Photos

  1. Michael Bennet Terry says:

    I am a descendant of 4 generations of BENNETs who lived in Middleboro from the late 1600′s to about 1798. As a resident of nearby Needham, MA, I embarrassed to say that I’ve never visited Middleboro, but on Sunday, 9/7/14, I will be meeting with a cousin from New Orleans who is attending a Mayflower Society Congress in Plymouth. I intend to pick her up in Plymouth, and together we will go to Middleboro to look around at where our ancestors made their roots in America. Specifically we will want to see the BENNET FARM and the cemetery, but beyond that we do not know what might be available..

    If you can be of any help whatsoever to us in planning our visit, I would be most grateful if you would please contact me in the coming days.

    Many thanks,

    48 Livingston Circle
    Needham, MA 02492
    Tel: 781-444-2445

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