Burkland School Visit

Recently, the Middleborough Historical Association visited the 5th grade at the Burkland School to tell about Middleborough’s past. While at the school some of Middleborough’s more noted residents were highlighted. Among them were Peter Oliver, Tom and Lavinia Thumb and the Peirce family. Presenting the program were Sheri Reimels, Judy Donahue, Gladys Beals and Doug Vantran.  A question and answer session the students viewed the items that were brought and were very surprised at the size of the Thumb items (Gloves, shoes, cane).

The M.H.A would like to thank the teachers and the administration at the School for allowing us to be there. Doug Vantran told the students of all the other features of the museum and urged them to visit. The museum is opened on Wed. and Sat. 1-4 from now thru Oct.

Brownie Troop 6906 8 Visits Middleborough Museum

On June 14 2017 Troop Leader Laura Staglioa and the Brownies of Troop 6906 8 came to visit the Middleborough Historical Association’s Museum. While there the troop heard about some of the people and saw objects of Middleborough’s past. They are pictured here with two of our more famous residents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb. They also heard music as it would have been played long ago. Two highlights were driving the 1934 Maxim fire truck and writing with quill and ink (not an easy task). Thanks to the troop leaders and the volunteers at the museum for helping teach about our history.

Remember we are now opened for the season, Wed. and Sat. 1-4. So come and see us like the Brownies did.


Deborah Samson Day

Middleborough Historical Association Celebrated Deborah Sampson Day

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts proclaimed May 23rd to be “Deborah Sampson Day”. The Proclamation urges all citizens of the State to honor her memory.

On that night the residents of Middleborough gathered at the Carriage House on the grounds of the Middleborough Museum to do just that, honor the “Massachusetts State Heroine”.

Deborah (Judith Kalaora) was there to tell of her early life, much of which was spent in Middleborough, her experiences in the Revolutionary War and her life after. The program was a stirring reminder of the trials Deborah went through to gain recognition as a person. Judith brought the character to life through her words and costumes.

Deborah was happy to know that her memory is being kept alive when the Governors Proclamation was read to her by M.H.A. President Doug Vantran. Thanks to Rep. Keiko Orrall for her help in getting the proclamation to the M.H.A. Thanks also to the Middleborough Cultural Council for their help in sponsoring this event.

After a Q&A session refreshments were served. All who attended left with a renewed sense of Deborah Sampson.