Middleborough Historical Association’s Membership Meeting

Middleborough Historical Association’s Membership Meeting and Program

Tuesday, May 31 2016 at 6:15

There will be a membership meeting of the Middleborough Historical Association on May 31 at 6:15pm. It will be held in the community room in the Middleborough Public Library.

Following a brief business meeting a program will begin at 6:30. The program is entitled “Plymouth Corrections, Now and Then” Take a trip back in time to the old days of Plymouth County Corrections! Learn about the history of our county jails, some of Plymouth County’s more infamous inmates and the story of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department. The program is presented by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department’s Guest Speakers Series.

The program is free and open to the public.

Herring Run Festival

GetAttachment.aspxThe Middleborough Historical Association and the Robbins Museum joined forces at the Herring Run Festival this year. Pictured is the booth. Many festival goers stopped by to hear about the museum and take a few guesses at the “What is it” display. There was a lot of interest in the artifacts from the Robbins Collection. We billed the items as old and older it was unfortunate that many of the visitors thought we were talking about the presenters. It was a good mix and was well received