Christmas Parade

M.H.A. at the 2016 Middleborough Christmas Parade

When the parade started the M.H.A. was there. The 1934 Maxim made it annual appearance with Tom Westgate at the controls and Gladys Beals was in the right hand seat to make sure Tom did it right. In the back of the truck was Gladys’s family making it a 4 generation event.

Leading the Maxim was the elegant carriage from our collection. Sheri Reimels and Kay Vantran took the carriage for a ride while Doug Vantran attempted to keep the red horses upfront under control. Thanks to Jerry Thayer for providing a smooth ride. Bob Reimels built a sturdy base for the carriage to ride on safely and protect the wheels of the carriage. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t have a trailer to put it all on. To this we thank Eric Langenfeld for providing that. Thanks to all of you who attended the parade and enjoyed the day. It is another great Middleborough event.

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