Open for Business Once Again: The Peirce Company Store

June 21, 2012 11:26 AM

This Saturday, the Middleborough Historical Museum reopens its iconic Peter H. Peirce Company exhibit, with an open house from 10 to 3, including a ribbon-cutting at 10 and tours at 11. The exhibit documents the history of the Peirce Company store that occupied what is now the Middleborough police station on North Main Street from the early 1800s through 1935. Closed for the past few years in order to permit repairs to the building which houses it, as well as a re-cataloging and re-interpretation of the exhibit artifacts, the Peter H. Peirce Company exhibit has long been a popular attraction at the museum, and the public is invited to come celebrate its re-opening.

The Peirce family, their store, and the fund which they left behind, all hold an important place in Middleborough history. In 1934, a year before the store officially closed, the Middleboro Gazette published an overview of the store’s history, which follows.

“Our feature this week relates the story of a store – the P. H. Peirce Company – from whose extensive trade of years ago, a trust fund was able to be established for the use of the Town of Middleboro, and which has been of great value and assistance since its origination.

“The old firm name of P. H. Peirce and Company stood for Peter Hoar Peirce and his sons. Job, Thomas and James were the sons interested in the general store, which was however a department store as we speak of them today.

“Peter Hoar Peirce, who was born March 25, 1788, and who was named after Peter Hoar, with whom he lived after the death of his parents, began as a storekeeper in the two story house now standing at the Upper Four Corners, on the southeast corner of the intersection of “¦ Main and Vaughan streets in Lakeville.

“He had few advantages, but developed an unusual business ability in his early youth, and by his energy and persistent endeavor, he became the leading business man of the town. Forseeing business life at the Four Corners, he moved from Lakeville into Middleboro and set up headquarters in the store on North Main Street.

“The old store, which was started in 1808, satisfied the needs of the townspeople and residents of the neighboring towns withi a radius of twenty miles. They drove here to purchase the necessities of life.

“In the back room, there were bolts of cloth for dresses, shirts and aprons and an assortment of ribbons, buttons, thread and all sewing materials. This room also contained earthenware, farming implements and carpets, wallpapers and oilcloth.

“In the cellar was a room set apart for the sale of ‘West Indies goods’, which included rum, gin, brandy and all spirituous liquors.

“The order wagons were driven about town to solicit orders and deliver goods. This type of store was conducted for about 75 years. As other stores opened in the district the sale of merchandise other than groceries was gradually dropped.

“‘Mr. Thomas’ and ‘Mr. James’ were the only surviving Peirces at the time Elton L. Pratt came to work as clerk in the store. This was in 1885, and Herbert A. Pratt started with the firm in 1893.

“Mr. James Peirce died in 1901, and his brother Thomas also passed away that same year. ‘Mr. Thomas’ was the last of the Peirce brothers and consequently inherited much of their wealth. At his death he gave over a half a million dollars to the Town of Middleboro and a hundred thousand to the Public Library.

“After his death, however, the business was purchased by the Pratt brothers who conducted a grocery store until 1929, when Elton L. Pratt bought out his brother’s share.

“Mr. Pratt, who is the present owner, has seen many changes take place both inside and out. Electricity has replaced the old fashioned oil lamps which were used. The cash registers and adding machines and modern forms of bookkeeping are a great improvement over the old money drawer and ledgers so crudely kept. The end of the store used as sheds was remodeled for storage purposes. As the horse and carriage was replaced by the automobile, the sheds used by the customers, who drove into town, were no longer necessary.

“On the second floor of the building was a hall large enough to seat two hundred people. Years ago, town meetings and entertainments were conducted there at at one time, the Catholic church services were held in this hall.

“From all the facts at hand, it is interesting to learn that such an establishment existed in those early days, and that there are very few changes if any in the building, where the store of Peter Hoar Peirce was the center of trade in this portion of the state.”

The following year, in 1935, the Peter H. Peirce Company store closed forever, concluding a history of over 125 years.

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  1. Debbie Davis - Treasurer Fairhaven Historical Socety says:

    I would like some information on a previous speaker that you had – the subject was Mark Twain’s maid of 30 years – Mark Twain and our Town’s Benefactor Henry Huttleston Rogers were best friends – I think the local area would like to hear a talk re: the subject on the maid – please get back to me with any information – it would be very much appreciated – I like your web site extremely informative. Thanks – Debboe

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