Middleborough Historical Association Annual Meeting

On Nov. 6 the Middleborough Historical Association held its annual meeting and elections at Lorenzo’s Restaurant. The election results were, Doug Vantran as President; Dan Thompson as Vice President, Wally Glendye as Secretary and Dorothy Thayer as Treasurer. Also elected to the Board of Directors were Richard Cost, Larissa Hallgren, Betty Rollins, C. Stetson Thomas and re-elected was Nancy Thomas. Mary Cook continues to serve.

After a short meeting, Outgoing President Cynthia McNair was thanked for her hard work on behalf of the Association. The Association recognizes the hard work given by Joann Clay as Vice President and Kate Lazarovich as Treasurer.

A program was presented by the team of volunteers from the Central Congregational Church who have and continue to restore the Middleborough Crèche. The team members are, John Crutchfield, Carol Sherman, Patricia Keay and Dan Cooney. They were quick to note that there were many other people involved to make this project happen. The audience was shown by words and pictures the effort it takes to complete the work.

The M.H.A. would like to thank all the people who have supported us in the past. We look forward to welcoming new members. We need people who are interested in history and would be willing to help at the Museum. If you are interested, give a call to the museum number 508-947-1969 or visit our web site at www.middleboroughhistoricalassociation.org/or Email us at middleboroughhistory@yahoo.com.

We are now closed for the season getting ready for our opening in early spring. See you then

Museum Tour

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Eighth Grade students from the Coyle and Cassidy Middle School Division
in Taunton visited the Middleborough Historical Museum as part of their unit of study on the American Civil War. Students and their chaperones were able to explore the collection on General and Mrs. Tom Thumb, who were superstars of the entertainment world in that era.

Also viewed were period artifacts in the Peirce General store, the Deborah Sampson War Room and the Blacksmith Shop. In the Law Office of Judge Wilkes Wood, students heard a presentation on the Role of Women in the Great War and in the Carriage House received military instruction and marching drill by Civil War re-enactor Brian Belanger. Presenters for the day included Middleboro Historical Association Board Members, JoAnn Clay, Mary Cook, Cynthia MacNair, Dorothy Thayer, Daniel Thompson and Douglas Vantran. The trip was planned and organized by Rosemary da Silva and Daniel Thompson, teachers at Coyle and Cassidy Middle School.