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Well another year has passed at the Museum. As usual it was a busy one. The first event was the Christmas Parade where we had the Wheaton Carriage and two ladies on their way shopping and the Maxim was a big hit as always. New Year’s Eve was celebrated early in the evening with a covered dish supper at the museum. The ball dropped at exactly 12 midnight, that’s 7pm museum time.

Other activities, not necessarily in order, going to the schools or having schools come to us. Visits by Brownies, Senior Citizen groups and veterans.

This year being the 100 anniversary of President Kennedy birth and the U.S. entry into WWI gave us an opportunity to remember both. A display of Kennedy memorabilia was displayed in building 1. In conjunction with that the Middleboro High School History Honor Society came to the museum and filmed some individual’s memories of JFK. In building 2 a display was shown telling about Middleborough involvement in the Great War. Both exhibits were well received.

As the summer arrived so did the visitors. We were well attended but we can do so much more. Some of the most heard comments were, “I had no idea you have so much to see”, “It’s like a small Sturbridge Village”.   So with that in mind you are likely to be hearing the term, The Middleborough Museum at Mill House Village, a lot.

In the fall we held a Walk around Titicut Green, describing the history of that part of town. It was the third walk we have held in Middleborough in the last couple of years which like the others was well attended. It helps fulfill our mission to keep Middleborough’s history alive.

With that in mind, Dan Thompson and Dotty Thayer have taken our history to many other towns as they presented programs for various groups.

One activity that took place this year was moving our 1854 hand pumper, The Young Mechanic, out in the lawn and have it opened up. Thanks to a group of retired fireman the movement went off without a hitch. Look for more about the Young Mechanic next season. Thanks to all who helped.

The museum’s year ended with our annual trick or treat program for the younger children. The afternoon concluded with a cake celebrating Lavinia Thumbs birthday.

None of these activities could have happened without the guides and volunteers that give of their time. A great big thanks to you all. If you would like to join and be rewarded with a wonderful experience let us know.

We are now planning next year’s exhibits; if you would like to be part of this let us know. We are also in need of people to sort, file, and document all the items we have. So come and be part of Middleborough’s History.

“Going Forward with the Past”


3 thoughts on “President’s Address

  1. Doug, I will not be able to be there for the Deborah Sampson presentation as I thought. I was reminded today that I have committed for a Lighthouse presentation at the exact same time

  2. I hope to bring a small group (5-10) of senior citizens to your museum on Wednesday, October 25th. Would we be able to have a guided tour?


    • Yes, Wednesdays 1 to 4 are our regular hours. A tour usually runs about 1 1/2 hrs for our 7 buildings at Mill House Village. The museum will be closing for the season as of Saturday, October 29.
      Dan Thompson

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