President’s Address

From President Doug Vantran…

As we get the Museum ready to open for the 2017 season, we already have had two events. On April 8th a display was opened to commemorate our entry into WWI in 1917. The event was well attended and enjoyed. It focused on Middleborough’s involvement in the war to end all wars. Thanks to all helped and attended to make this event possible.

Also sharing this 100 anniversary year is the birth of John F. Kennedy. A display has been set up to help evoke the many memories we might have of him and his life. Thanks to Dan Thompson for sharing his items with us. The Middleborough High School History Honor Soc. visited the Museum and recorded some of our members who had personal memories of JFK. Thanks to them and their adviser Sue Miller for preserving this piece of history.

Each of these displays will be opened all season. We look forward to meeting you at the museum and seeing not only those two exhibits but all of the buildings and displays we have. I think we should start thinking of ourselves as Mill House Village.

As always we can use your time and expertize to help us make us even better.

“Going Forward with the Past”


3 thoughts on “President’s Address

  1. Doug, I will not be able to be there for the Deborah Sampson presentation as I thought. I was reminded today that I have committed for a Lighthouse presentation at the exact same time

  2. I hope to bring a small group (5-10) of senior citizens to your museum on Wednesday, October 25th. Would we be able to have a guided tour?


    • Yes, Wednesdays 1 to 4 are our regular hours. A tour usually runs about 1 1/2 hrs for our 7 buildings at Mill House Village. The museum will be closing for the season as of Saturday, October 29.
      Dan Thompson

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