Upcoming Events

Membership Meeting/February


Membership Meeting/April


Memorial Day Parade


Membership Meeting/June


Museum Opens for the Season


Croquet Tournament/Spring


4th of July Parade/ Museum Closed


Ice Cream Social


Krazy Days

8/1/2014 & 8/2/2014

Museum Closes for the Season


Thanksgiving/Christmas Parade


Membership Meeting/November




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  1. Pete and Catherine Condrick says:


    We are the Condricks and have been living in the Dr. Samuel Powers house (built 1710?) at 135 Plympton Street since October of 2013. We are VERY eager to dig into the history of our home and get to know it. The records passed onto us were sketchy at best and have only provided more questions. We would like to speak with someone to further research our home. I (Peter) am an avid 18th Century reenactor (Rev War particularly) and very interested in the witness this house has been to the regions history. My wife is an devotee of 18th century culinary arts and would like to know more about the food and material culture that may have existed in our home. Preserving the historical integrity of the house is a key factor to our ownership. Please feel free to contact us at the email address above.

    Thank you for your time!

    Peter and Catherine Condrick

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