Who we are

Middleborough Historical Association Board

Cynthia McNair – President

Joanne Clay – Vice President

Kate Lazarovich – Treasurer

Mary Cook – Director

Wally Glendye – Director & Web Page Editor

Dorothy Thayer – Director

Nancy Thomas – Director

Daniel Thompson – Director

Doug Vantran – Director

Gladys Beals – Honorary Life Member

Middleborough Historical Museum Curators



One Response to Who we are

  1. Nancy Kocur says:

    I have an original document of what looks like a land sale between a Josiah Smith, Jr. to a Daniel Smith, Jr. There are four signatures of witnesses, one of them being a Lothrop Shurtleff. The document is dated March of 1794. I’ve found that a Lothrop Shurtleff was a carriage maker. I was wondering if your historical society had any further information on Shurtleff? When your museum opens at the end of June, I’d like to come by and have someone look at this document? Thanks! Nancy Kocur

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