Board of Directors


President – Doug Vantran

Vice President – Daniel Thompson

Secretary – Judy Donahue

Treasurer – Dotty Thayer

Board of Directors

Dr. Richard Cost

Kay Vantran

Cheri Reimels

Bob Reimels

Kate Lazarovich

Wally Glendye

 Gladys Beals (Honorary Member)

2 thoughts on “Board of Directors

  1. I am trying tot get in touch with someone to see if we (oak point womans club committee members can come to your may 23 meeting to see the Judith kalaora presentation of Deborah Sampson, we would like to have her for a presentation for our womans club, we are having a hard time trying to reach her, if it is possible we would like a phone number. thank you, Mary Filippini

    • The program is free and open to the public. We would be happy to have your committee attend.

      Daniel Thompson, MHA Vice President

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