Board of Directors


President – Doug Vantran

Vice President – Daniel Thompson

Secretary – Judy Donahue

Treasurer – Dotty Thayer


Board of Directors

Peter Wood

Ben Carr

Cheri Reimels

Bob Reimels

Kate Lazarovich

Wally Glendye

 Gladys Beals (Honorary Member)

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  1. My name is Jack Gerrior and I am a member of Troop 64 in Middleborough. I am currently researching ideas for an eagle project. If you have any suggestions for projects that may be historical in nature, or even not historical in nature, please feel free to respond.

  2. The Actors Company offers original, engaging, historical and literaryt character-based shows, for adults, as well as for youth/families, performed in period costume by professional actors, that are popular with libraries throughout the country (described below). Please contact TAC Manager Marci Diamond 781-710-3314 or or see if you’d like to bring us to your venue, more information or references, or have any suggestions; thank you!

    * The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin: Printer, Scientist, Inventor, Author, Ambassador, Patriot…..Benjamin Franklin has been called “the First American”. His rich and colorful life is recounted in this wonderful one-man show by professional actor J.T. Turner. Meet and listen as one of the world’s greatest statesmen and authors tells a tale that weaves history and humor. Dr. Franklin recounts his life from his youth in Boston, through his days as a printer in Philadelphia, and then his years as an inventor, philanthropist and hero of the American Revolution. Show is 45 min plus any QA time with character.

    * Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Witness the classic tale of A Christmas Carol come beautifully to life as actor J.T. Turner portrays Charles Dickens and every single character from the story in this one-man show. Charles Dickens was famous for bringing his A Christmas Carol to life for audiences every year, and this version brings all the drama, comedy and redemption as Dickens had originally written it. 90 minutes including brief intermission. (NEW ADDITION: “Tea with Mrs. Dickens”, a 45 minute show focused on Catherine Dickens’ life with the world’s most famous author, as well as Victorian culinary and Christmas traditions, is also available, and is performed by professional actress Marci Diamond, SAG-AFTRA, AEA.)

    * Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow: The Headless Horseman Rides Again! J.T. Turner portrays Washington Irving telling his most famous tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Taking on all the roles of this Halloween tale, Turner has adapted the piece to keep all ages entertained. It is story theater at its best! 1 hr show can be adapted.

    * New England Ghost Stories by Candlelight: Professional actor & storyteller J.T. Turner spins a great mix of ghostly tales, from silly and light, to dark and terrifying (not recommended for very young children), including the Fiddler of Maine, John and the Ghost, Robert Frost’s Witch of Co’os, The Devil’s Footprint and many more! Turner plays all characters, and can customize show to last from 1 hour – 90 minutes, depending on your timeframe, and if an intermission is included.

    * Robert Frost, Light and Dark: In J.T. Turner’s original 70 min. show you will hear the stories behind Frost’s work, as he shares some of his most popular poems, including Mending Wall, Birches, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Late Walk, Desert Places, Road Not Taken, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. The full show sold out its original presentation on the North Shore last year, and filled the historic Frost Farm in Derry, NH to capacity. A 45 min. youth version of this show (with additional optional Q/A time and/or workshop), “Robert Frost, America’s Poet” is also available.

    * Shakespeare’s Ghost: What if…William Shakespeare, famed playwright and poet has spent the last 400 years haunting theaters? And what would happen if he decided one day to speak with YOU? Professional actor J.T. Turner brings William Shakespeare to life and presents an engaging show filled with stories about Shakespeare’s life and work, featuring scenes from his most beloved comedies, tragedies and histories. This is a touching and light-hearted romp through the life and works of the world’s most famous playwright, with plenty of audience interaction, making Shakespeare accessible for all. Run time: 90 minutes with brief intermission. A 45 min – 1 hr youth version of this show, “Will’s World” is popular with grades 5-9.

    * An Evening with C.S. Lewis: A funny, engaging and fascinating look at the varied and rich life of C.S. Lewis, author of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe series, famed lecturer, and theologian.This unique one-man show allows Lewis to come forth and relate his amazing life in his own words as he shares his journey from an atheist to a devout Christian, and discusses his writings, stories, and his wonderful romance with his wife, Joy. 90 min with brief intermission.

    * A Visit with Aesop: The greatest storyteller in the world would like to visit with you! Aesop shares the story of his own life, which is mixed in with his classic fables such as the Tortoise and the Hare, The Lion and the Mouse, The Two Frogs and Androcles and the Lion among others. Charming, delightful and entertaining with lots of audience interaction and participation. Great for elementary schools, libraries and family nights. 45 minutes, with optional additional Q/A in character and/or fable writing workshop for kids.

    * NEW ADDITION: The Midnight Ride: Samuel Prescott and the Real Story of the Start of The American Revolution. While many people are familiar with the famous Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, not as many know the tale of Dr. Samuel Prescott, who was the only rider to reach Concord with the news that the British were marching. Dr. Prescott was early American doctor and courier for the Sons of Liberty and The Committee of Correspondence. This one-man show provides an engaging first hand account of the events leading up to the Revolution, and the night that marked the start of American Independence. This historical reenactment features professional actor James Turner as Dr. Prescott, as he brings the events of April 1775 to life. 45 minutes, suggested for Grades 4 thru 7.

    * NEW ADDITION: Christmas Tea with Mrs. Dickens. Join the wife of Charles Dickens for a festive holiday tea. Catherine Dickens shares stories about her life, Victorian Christmas and culinary traditions, and what it’s like to be married to the most famous author in the world. Mrs. Dickens will also share recipes from her cookbook “What Shall We Have for Dinner?” with her guests. This original 45 minute show is performed by Marci Diamond.


    J.T. Turner (Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Washington Irving, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Aesop, NE Ghost Stories by Candlelight) is an award-winning professional actor, director and writer, with credits on stage, screen and audio. A member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity, J.T. is also a historical re-enactor, touring theaters, museums, schools, libraries and churches in original shows. He was the founder and director of moonlight productions, a theater company dedicated to using theater as an outreach tool for children and teens, and is the Artistic Director of , a performing group that works with non-profits. J.T. is also a professional lecturer, fight choreographer, circus ringmaster, and acting & public speaking coach.

    James T. Turner (Samuel Prescott) is a professional actor, member of SAG-AFTRA, with numerous stage credits (resume upon request)

    Marci Diamond (Catherine Dickens) is a professional actress, Actors Equity, SAG-AFTRA, and Manager of The Actors Company (resume:

    The Actors Company also offers workshops on topics corresponding to our shows, or separately on acting, auditioning, directing, stage combat, circus skills, public speaking, dialect/accent work, and more. For more information and bookings, please contact:
    Marci Diamond, Manager
    The Actors Company

  3. I am trying tot get in touch with someone to see if we (oak point womans club committee members can come to your may 23 meeting to see the Judith kalaora presentation of Deborah Sampson, we would like to have her for a presentation for our womans club, we are having a hard time trying to reach her, if it is possible we would like a phone number. thank you, Mary Filippini

    • The program is free and open to the public. We would be happy to have your committee attend.

      Daniel Thompson, MHA Vice President

  4. I am a Trustee of the Nemasket Hill Cemetery Association. We are looking into applying for Community Preservation Funding. Is it possible to discuss with someone from the Historical Society about our plans and our dilemma? Our dilemma is that we are a nonprofit with a status of 501c13, which means we are an active cemetery. However, when matching funds donations from GE and J.P. Morgan Foundation tried to donate to us, they were not allowed to because of our status. I am concerned that this may happen with the Community Preservation Funding. Could you assist me or point me in a direction that someone could? Thank You!

  5. I believe I met you at the Historical Commission meeting. I will send the President an email message in support.

    Wally Glendye

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